Hosts – share your ideas and discoveries with us.

Activity Ideas
  • Plan ahead to get Museum passes from your local Library. Each Library seems to have its own group of museum tickets & varying discounts.
  • Teachers: Many teachers get discounts to museums – be sure to check.
  • Consider making a photo album (in print or online, whatever works best for you & your student) of your adventures for the student to take home. From one host:
    I  took pictures and printed them out each day to insert into a photo album which he will take home on Sunday.  I wrote words on the pictures (it’s easy to add text when using CVS/Walgreen’s/etc.) so that is also something else he could read each day to strengthen vocabulary.
  • Hint:  tell everyone you know that you are having a visitor.
    It is amazing how many ideas people will share about what you and your charge should do (and sometimes people offer to help you out by providing activities as well). We got dinners/lunches/boat trips/field trips that would not have occurred except through the generosity of others who heard I was having a visitor.

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