Student Activities in Boston/Cambridge

Boston-Cambridge Activities

Cultural Program Musts:
If your student has booked a Cultural Program, you and your guest select 3 museum vists per week for each week of cultural activities from the list below. (Your guest may have pre-selected his or her preferred sites to visit). For additional weeks on the cultural program, work with your guest to find other places of interest in Boston/Cambridge or your local area.

Cultural Program Listed Activities/Museums:

New England Aquarium
Museum of Science
Museum of Fine Arts

Harvard University
Book a “Hahvahd Tour“, 70 mins. $10 per person.
Led by students – add a nice tip. (

Museum of Natural History
at Harvard
(free on Sunday Mornings 9-noon). Follow with brunch and shopping in Harvard Square?)

Your choice of any other Harvard Museum:

MIT Museum

The Cultural program also mentions “any local museum/activitiy” you and  your guest wish to include. Other Boston/Cambridge activities to consider (by no means an exhaustive list – if you have found another favorite, let us know!)

List Visual Arts Center at MIT

The Duck Tour
Other Boston Tours
Freedom Trail
Fun Freedom Trail Tour

The State House in Boston has a free tour.
This is a good tour and worth doing – it works well with a stroll of the Commons and Public Garden and perhaps a snack from the many street vendors in the area.

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