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Home Language International seeks to have qualified host/tutors (teachers or those with a minimum of a 4 year college degree) with a variety of profiles to match up with foreign students seeking a home stay teaching program. This is a paid work-at-home opportunity. (A perfect fit for teachers with free time in the summer!)

Hosts must be fluent native speakers of standard English.

Host families must be within reasonable driving distance ( 2-3  hrs) of Boston.  Hosts are typically responsible for Logan Airport pickup and delivery (for which there is an additional stipend). Most guests will want to have at least one sightseeing trip to see Boston/Cambridge per week.

Students typically book Sunday to Sunday stays from 2 to 3 weeks in length.

Although there are a number of different programs, typically the host provides students with one on one tutoring in English for 10 to 20 hours a week (most students choose 10 or 15 hours), full room & board, and local activities such as sightseeing, shopping, going to the beach, etc. Lessons must be given during the daytime. A small number of students choose full board only with no lessons. Hosts for these students do not need to meet the tutor requirements.

We place students from teens through adults throughout the year. The majority of our students are teens and young adults who come in the summer months, making this a good match for teachers who have the summer off. We frequently have bookings throughout the year making this a good opportunity for retired teachers or anyone who has at least one adult at home year round.

Hosts must have ample free time to host and tutor their guests and can not be working outside of the home, except in cases where the work has limited part-time hours and provisions are made for the student – e.g., there is someone at home with them, there is something they can do while the host is busy. In this case the family’s offer must include this information so that the student can make an informed decision about whether the arrangements are acceptable for them. 

The majority of the students who choose our area come from France and other Western European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany) and few from Japan and Central/South America.

Our younger guests usually request a stay in a home with other kids (or access to like-aged kids – relatives, neighbors, friends) so families with children are very welcome and always needed for summer stays! Our hosts with children find that hosting is a rewarding family project to make new friends and some extra money. Often the children make lasting friendships and stay in touch for years!

This is not a group program. Bookings come in individually, and individual programs are created for each guest. Registered hosts are not under any obligation to take a guest until they agree to take a specific student for a specific program and time frame. Programs are often highly individualized with requested activities from Cultural trips (Boston museums) to tennis, golf, kayaking, horseback riding, even cooking lessons! (the student pays for additional requested activities – the host is responsible for making the arrangements and for transportation.)

HLI is a respected high-end educational travel program, so we seek hosts with good accommodations who are exceptionally good at both teaching and making their guests feel at home. You must provide a private room for your guest with a real bed and bureau/closet space, 3 meals a day, and provide the contracted services (tutoring hours and/or other activities requested).

Tutors must have a minimum of a 4 year college degree or be certified to teach ESL.

If you are interested, please email  to request the host agreement, pay rates, and the host family profile form. Please include your phone number, your location, and a brief description of your family profile (number of people in the family, age range, interests). We have a few coordinators in different areas, so your location is very important to match you with the agent in your neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Hosting for HLI

  1. I would like to start with a summer student. I am a MTA/NEA member. I have a space room in my Jamestown, RI home. Five minutes to Newport; two hours or less to Boston. Prefer “older” female, French Speaking. Call my cell if that is of any interest. (508) 360-4610 Lori Murphy


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